The Seasons - Phoa Yan Tiong The Magician


PHOA YAN TIONG has recorded his 25 years experience as a magician of 
international reputation in a trilogy named THE SEASONS, which, by it content, background philosophy, descriptive art, sense of detail and instruction method, may prove to be a useful surprise to many of his colleagues all over the world.

William G. Strickland of the International Brotherhood of Magicians characterizes him as follows:

" Phoa Yan Tiong is a colourful person and his performance and his writings are equally colourful.
He has the skills to update some of the classics of magic and he describes in his books several which have proved succesful in his own beautiful act.
This is a Trilogy that every magician will enjoy reading and should have in his library ".

Peter Warlock's comment on Phoa's trilogy and 'Snowstorm in China' :

" This, after so many years of watching, was the greatest presentation we had witnessed. The magician immaculately clad in genuine Chinese costume, the destruction and restoration of the Chinese lettered paper that in translation told of the coming of Winter; the gathering storm as the paper was immersed in water, and then, so magically, the beginning and intensifying of the snowfall as the sodden paper was fanned.   
That Phoa, with the other parts of his internationally famous act, has decided to describe the full working of this effect, and with that description by means of so many, many illustrations left nothing to chance, is a great gesture to magicians throughout the world.
I, like all who read this book, must record my thanks to one who not only raises the craft of magic to an art, but is also a stalwart friend ".

cut and restore silk , cut and restore rope,a slow motion transposition for cups and balls a lecture note in french ,german and english

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